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Through collaborations with international animation and gaming projects, ATEA Animation Studio aims to incorporate diverse perspectives. By developing original animated content and gaming intellectual property, Taiwan's unique culture, history, and issues can be integrated into these works to provide a deeper understanding of Taiwan's multicultural society and culture on an international level.

The goal is for more people to understand the values represented by the original IP while respecting professionalism and basic pricing concepts. With a more streamlined and clearly defined division of labor, ATEA Animation Studio hopes to create a healthier environment for the animation, gaming, and design industries.

ATEA Animation Studio was selected as one of the 4th cohorts  to be stationed at the Taiwan Startup Hub in January 2022. It was recognized by the Executive Branch of Taiwan as a visionary startup.


Japanese mobile game "MENHERA CHAN" Taiwan promotion animation.

Incorporate Taiwan attractions "XIMENDING" and "JIUFEN" in the animation

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